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Rising out of the years of chaos and violence following the Harmonium’s inexplicable disappearance, the Vigiles Urbani Sigilium have come to represent Sigil’s best chance for even handed and fair enforcement of the law. Starting as a small band of like-minded heroes operating in secret, this core group inspired citizens and attracted recruits as their reputation grew. Under the leadership of Quaestor Julia Severus the Vigiles were given an official charter by the Hall of Speakers to act as a police force, providing the city with an alternative to the private armies of the Fated and the brutal fascism of the Mercykillers.


Operating out of the old Harminum barracks in the Lady’s Ward, Vigiles patrols began keeping a watchful eye on the city and investigating crimes petty and severe. The nascent police force faced down massive challenges from an empty treasury, low recruitment, a murderously hostile Faction, corruption, and a pathologically jaded population. They held together under the strength of their leadership and the examples set by a few core squads of loyal and capable officers. While still mocked by denizens of The Cage as “greased pigs” or “greasers” for how easily some of them can be bought off, they have had enough success over recent months for the blue and grey badge to inspire hope in the innocent and fear in the thousands of criminals who reside in the City of Doors.

Home Page

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